Our Faith

The Faith Community Nazarene Church...is a part of the worldwide denomination of local churches. Our mission is to

make Christlike disciples in the nations.

 We Believe...that the grace of God revealed in Jesus of Nazareth is broad enough to include all people

and all groups of people.

 CONVERSION -- Nazarenes emphasize conversion as a definite experience that initiates the life of Christian discipleship.

 SANCTIFICATION -- The process of becoming holy, or Christlike, which Nazarenes equate with the infilling of divine love through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

 Nazarenes believe that this process begins at conversion and that a point can be reached, called entire sanctification, when divine love expels all disposition to sin.

 We Are A Holiness Church...that acts on the belief that the relationship people have with God through Jesus enables them to have personal fellowship with God and to be effectively involved in His purposes for all humanity.